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Selling Inherited Property for You

FREE cash offer within minutes
Selling Inherited Property for You
  • Free cash offer within minutes, no legal fees, any location.

If you’ve just inherited a home, you may need to sell it to pay off debts quickly.

  • We can provide you with a FREE cash offer.
  • We pay you fast to ensure you don’t need bridging loans.
  • We waive estate agent and solicitor fees.
  • We accept any properties and conditions.
  • We give you peace of mind when you need it the most.

We can give you a no-obligation cash offer now; give us a call!

Selling your Inherited Home

Thankfully, there are not many times in your life when you’ll need to sell an inherited property. When a loved one passes, the grief experienced is a powerful emotional response to the loss experienced. You don’t know what to do from one moment to the next.

Yet, you will need to deal with their estate and assets. Many don’t want to deal with this while others try to cope and miss-mange the situation. There is a risk of excessive financial losses that you can use more productively to get your life together in both cases.

At a difficult time, you need assistance, which can go a long way to saving you from poor decision-making. Emotions run high, and inexperience with inheritance transactions can lead you to ruin. Bring in professionals to undertake your burden during this challenging time.  

Understanding Last Wishes

If you need help to understand the wishes of a loved one, these may be stated in a will. Wills can help reduce disputes if adequately prepared or cause more conflicts. However, you may need to read between the lines and understand the will’s context.

For smaller families, wills are not created to help with simple transitions to their partner or next of kin. But no matter what, getting your head around the situation can be challenging and how stakeholders may react.      

Before you do anything, it’s essential to get your head straight and understand what the last wishes were of your loved one. This comprehension is vital as your actions may impact your longer-term feelings about the loss.

For instance, if you sell a home that you bought to keep a roof over your head, it’s unlikely that selling it will make you feel better. Likewise, if your home has a lot of debt associated with it, this can cause you a great deal of stress trying to stay afloat. You will need to ask yourself, what was the real driver for purchasing the property?

The Probate Application Process

Probate is the process whereby inherited assets are passed on to recipients through an executor or administrator. If you are conducting this process alone, this becomes you if approved. An inheritance specialist ensures a person gets the best out of the situation in most cases. Applying for probate gives you the power to transfer assets.

This process, however, is not as clear-cut as you may think. Disputed wills can take years to resolve and use a pro-rata solicitor. In addition, the valuation of estates needs to be evaluated for taxation, yet if multiple parties and liens on land are present, this can become challenging.

Typically, just to get the probate application process completed even before assets are transferred can easily take six weeks. Once complete, the transfer of assets can take a lot longer, and in the meantime, you need to pay off debts against the estate. This setback can leave you out of pocket over a long period.  

Do You Need to Pay Inheritance Tax?

Estates with an estimated value exceeding £325,000 will need inheritance tax to be paid. Yet, this is only applicable if you’re not a spouse, civil partner, or direct deceased. The exception to the rule is that estates worth £450,000 or more will require direct descents to pay inheritance taxes; this includes minors. 

Get Experienced Professionals

Once you’ve jumped through the legal hoops, you can now sell the property and additional assets. The challenge is that it takes a long time to sell properties. Typically, buyers move from one house to another, and a buying chain needs to be completed.

In addition, the administrator will need to arrange viewings, conduct building surveys at cost, and pay taxes on the sale. This process can be highly irritating and the last thing someone needs after a loss.

Selling Properties Fast

To sell off inherited property, you can use WeCanBuyYourHouse as the process is fast, and you know precisely when payment will be in your bank account. We can give you a free, no-obligation cash offer against the property within 24 hours.

We base our cost on the fair selling price of homes in the local area. After an offer is made, it is later, of course, verified in person by one of our many survey professionals. You could have money in your account within seven days!

The WeBuyAnyHome Experts Buying Process

We’ve highlighted the key stages below to give you an excellent overview of our buying process.

  • Complete the online form; it’s simple and only takes a few minutes.
  • You’ll get called by one of our professionals.
  • After a discussion, you’ll receive a cash offer from us over the phone.
  • You are then given time to decide how you wish to proceed.
  • If you decide to go forward, we’ll ask you to complete some simple paperwork.
  • We’ll instruct our solicitors free of charge to proceed.
  • Two estate agents carry out separate evaluations free of charge to validate our estimate.
  • The valuation report is finalised, and a final price is provided.
  • If happy to proceed, we will finalise a completion date that meets your needs.
  • The sale is finalised and funds transferred to you.

The Cheapest Way to Sell Your Property

By going through inheritance professionals, you avoid unnecessary fees that need to be paid by their parties. Likewise, we don’t have to wait for properties and pass the savings on to you by offering a streamlined purchasing process. The advantages of selling with us are the following:

  • We buy your house fast through an easy-to-follow process.
  • We have free cash flow that enables us to act quickly, no property chains and waiting.
  • We can complete the purchase within seven days.
  • We are the market leader in the property purchasing market.
  • We don’t undercut the property’s value; we make our money on property turnaround.
  • We are established and founding members of the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB). We’re also members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO). This measure ensures we follow strict industrial guidelines and offer you the best seller protection around.

WeBuyAnyHome Experts is an established company and has dealt with thousands of sellers. You may have seen our television adverts across various channels, including; ITV and Channel 4, and we’ve been featured in UK newspapers such as The Sun, The Daily Express, and Hello!

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Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

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