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Selling a Property with A Mortgage

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Selling a Property with A Mortgage
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Most people are smart enough to leverage debt to their advantage. For example, property developers typically take a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage on a property. This action allows them to gain property and use it for only a fixed, regular payment.

In turn, it enables them to get it for a lower long-term price and offset inflation by holding it. So, what happens when you want to buy another property? What happens to the mortgage?

We’ll take a look at some of the most prominent questions and things you’ll need to keep in mind in the future. 

How to Pay Off My Mortgage and Keep The Property

There are many approaches to getting another home and generating more wealth. For one, you could decide to sell the property, pay off the mortgage, and keep the net profit. However, after this process is finished, you may choose to buy a new property with a completely new mortgage. This is one of the simplest options to deal with debt, but this may impact your growth rate.

Most developers may want the flexibility to sell a home for a good price and pay the mortgage off without changing terms. This option gives you more equity than paying debts off. You can use money from this for renovating or growing the business. This process is called ‘porting’ and is relatively simple.

You ask the mortgage provider to port your mortgage at the same terms to another property while taking out a second one. Everything says the same such as interest rate, but you will also be limited to the maximum value of the original mortgage.

Your mortgage provider decides if your circumstances are favourable enough for a second mortgage and approve it where possible. You don’t have to act coy; banks and lenders make money on your debt. They’re in trouble if they hold too much money and will likely have to report losses to shareholders. Take this into account when talking to your lender.      

The benefit of porting is that interest rates are frozen. As governments are starting to raise interest rates to reduce the impact of inflation, you can use this to your advantage.

How to Pay Off My Mortgage When I Sell My House

This process is a bit easier to grasp than porting.

  • Working Out How Much To Pay Off

First, you need to establish how much debt you need to pay on the property. You can do this simply by asking the lender for a statement of money owed. Money will need to be paid to the lender from the sale before the buyer moves into the residence. You may ask for a bridging loan to cover this timeframe if you cannot do this.

You need to consider if the debt on the property is more than the return from the sale. This circumstance can happen if you have been refinancing or applying for second mortgages. If this is an issue, you will need to ask the lender’s permission before the sale and position how they will receive the outstanding money on the sale. 

  • Repay the Debt

To repay your debt, you need an evaluation to work out the equity or stored value of the property. Once you know this and have the permission of the lender to enter into a sale, you can pay off the debt.

If there is a mortgage shortfall, you may ask the lender for a ‘short sale’. This option is a reduced payoff that enables you to complete the sale of the property. If acceptable, you will need to fill in a whole host of documentation to initiate the process.

To understand if short selling is best for your situation, talk to a specialist that handles short sales. They can help you determine whether it’s worth proceeding and if the lender will accept your proposal.

Transferring a Mortgage To Another Property

You have two options afforded to you when selling a property in the UK if it still has a mortgage. First, we discussed porting and paying the mortgage before the sale.

Porting is excellent for transferring the outstanding mortgage and its frozen rates to a new property. In addition, as governments start raising interest rates to counter inflation, this can be a very powerful tool to maintain purchasing power.

That said, there is no guarantee that your proposal will be excepted. This is particularly true if your circumstances have changed for the worse or there is sizeable additional debt associated with a second mortgage. While lenders want to provide you with debt offerings to improve their sales targets, the UK has strict lending criteria. If you can’t jump through all their hoops, you may be limited to what you can do.

Paying debt off before the property is transferred may require a bridging loan or external finances to meet the deficit. This situation can be a challenge to secure and elevate your risk level during the process. While many only think about alpha or profit, you need to consider the beta risk before conducting any venture and have an exit strategy if everything falls through. 

Can A Lender Cancel My Mortgage?

A lender can cancel your mortgage offer at any time. They can do this because it’s a contract and follows UK contract law. If you’re unsure about this, you should read up on standard contract rights, along with reading your mortgage agreement.

You will notice that if you port a mortgage or ask for a second mortgage on the same property, the old contract is effectively appended to the new agreement. While porting effectively freezes interest rates, you enter into a new contract that appends these terms. You should read all contracts before entering into any engagement.

Will I Get My Deposit Back When Selling A House?

As with most contracts that use deposits, the party that doesn’t breach the agreement gets the deposit, so if your sale falls through, it is more than likely that you won’t get your deposit back. However, if you can argue that it was the other party that breached, you can take this to court. Alternatively, some lenders use a 3rd party to hold deposits, and they can act as a judge during a dispute. However, this doesn’t affect your legal right to dispute this though.

Selling a House Fast!

WeBuyAnyHome Experts is the largest home buying company in the market. If you require to sell a property fast, pay debts quickly, or ensure contracts are not breached, WeBuyAnyHome Experts can help. They can offer you market value for the property based on two evaluations of local properties in the area.

There are no fees, hassles, or delays; you can have money in your account within seven days. We make our profit on the sale of the property. All our costs are passed on to the buyer, not impacting your profit margin. Our streamlined process means you gain free services that otherwise need to be paid for. If you are interested in us offering our help, don’t hesitate to contact us with a FREE evaluation and offer. If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll validate the offer with surveyors within 24 hours of our first call.

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